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Record and livestream your musical masterpiece

Effortlessly record or livestream your DJ-sets, jam sessions or band gigs in high-quality audio and share them with the world.

       Record Livestream           Share reliably & effortlessly

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Connect with ease

For Every Situation

Simply plug Howler into the DJ mixer, PA mixer, or even in-between the source and amplifier, and play your unforgettable performance.

Fits your Style

With Howler you can easily switch between two modes of operation: recording or streaming

Plug & Record

Plug & Record

Safely record onto a micro SD-card in lossless WAV or MP3 format.

Share when you want – Connect Howler to your phone, tablet, or computer to directly read the SD card and upload your recording to the cloud of your preference!


Plug & Stream

Plug & liveStream

Use streaming mode to effortlessly create a livestream in high-quality audio with your phone or other device to audiences all around the world.

Small &

Perfect on the go


Subscribe now to get a free 16GB Micro SD-card when you purchase your Howler during our Kickstarter campaign.

Flawless recording

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High quality sound

Recording: 24-bit 48 kHz in lossless WAV or mp3 (320 kbps)

Streaming: 16/24-bit & 48 kHz

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No too low volume- or clipping recordings anymore! Intuitive physical LED that shows the volume level of the recording.

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Connect Howler to your phone, tablet or computer for easy exporting of your recordings or as an audio interface for livestreams.

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Pocket-size device enables you to record everywhere up to 30 hours on its integrated Li-Ion battery. Fast rechargeable with USB-C.

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thruly Versatile

No available output on mixer? No problem! Connect between the mixer and amplifier with help of the THRU output.

Record or stream from all DJ mixers, PA systems, synthesizers and samplers.

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Thick aluminum gorilla-proof casing to withstand even the most grimy booths.
Howler with no casing showing its inner components for technical impression

Technical Specifications

File storage
Recording format
Recording quality
Streaming quality
Livestream compatibility

RCA left & right
RCA left & right (THRU)
Micro SD card
WAV or MP3 (320 kbps)
24-bit & 48 kHz
16/24-bit  & 48 kHz
– Android USB-C & iOS 13+ devices
– Windows & macOS
Rechargeable Li-Po, up to 30 hours
6.3 cm (w) x 9.2 cm (l) x 2.6 cm (h)
128 g

Input: RCA left & right

Output: RCA left & right (THRU)

File storage: Micro SD card

Recording format: WAV or MP3 (320 kbps)

Recording quality: 24-bit & 48 kHz

Streaming quality: 16/24-bit & 48 kHz

File-transfer compatibility:

  • Phones & tablets: Android USB-C devices & iOS
  • Computers: Windows & macOS

Power-supply: 5V USB-C

Battery: rechargeable Li-Po battery, up to 30 recording hours

Dimensions: 6.3 cm (w) x 9.2 cm (l) x 2.6 cm (h)

Weight: 128 g

Howler & Micro SD-card

Record and livestream your musical masterpiece fast and without hassle

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