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Setting up your Howler step-by-step.

Step 1

Connecting Audio

Use the REC output of your device to connect directly to the IN connectors of your Howler. Don't have a dedicated REC out signal available? Just wire the Master or Booth out signal to your Howler's IN connectors and wire the OUT connectors to the PA system.

Step 2A

recording setup

To start your recording, first choose which format you want to record in. Switch between MP3 and WAV using Toggle A. Then insert your MicroSD card (B) if you haven't done so already. You're ready to go, press record (C) and start your performance!

Step 2B

Livestreaming setup

Want to use your Howler for a livestream instead? Simply connect a smartphone to your Howler's USB-C port (A) and set toggle (B) to TRANSFER. Your Howler will now be recognised by your smartphone as an external audio source. You can select it on your favorite streaming platform to start your livestream.


Dongle Add-on Use

If you want to keep your smartphone charged while using your Howler, we've got you covered. Using the dongle you can connect both your Howler and a charging cable to your smartphone. Make sure to connect your Howler's USB-C port (A) to the left port on the dongle (B), the charger cable to (C), and plug the dongle's cable (D) into your smartphone.

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