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Howler recorder+streamer

Effortlessly record or livestream your DJ-sets, jam sessions or band gigs in high-quality audio and share them with the world.

Included in package:

1x Howler recorder+streamer
1x free 64GB microSD card


Product information

Every artist’s performance counts. We made Howler, a 2-in-1 audio recorder and streamer for DJ’s and bands to always capture their musical performances in high-quality audio, failsafe and for every situation. With one push of the button Howler records audio from any source onto a swappable microSD card in WAV or MP3. This product comes with a free microSD card!

What buyers are saying:

“Is working perfectly! Brilliant product. So convenient.”
– Eduardo (Kickstarter backer)

“Love my Howler.”
– Fabio (Webshop purchaser)

“Finally a good working recording device at my disposal.”
– Veronica (Webshop purchaser)

“Beautiful little Gem.”
– Simone (Kickstarter backer)

“Love your product. Sound quality is amazing.”
– Val (Kickstarter backer)


Plug & Record

With one push of the button Howler records audio from any source onto a swappable microSD card in WAV or MP3. Plug Howler into a DJ mixer, PA mixer (for bands), or your favourite electronic instrument.


Share with the world

Share when you want – After recording, connect Howler to any device, even your phone, to listen back and share the recording to the cloud of your preference. No app needed.


Plug & Livestream

In livestream mode, Howler provides high-quality audio to your phone, or other device, to create a livestream for your audience all around the world.

*Want to stream with an iPhone? Then you will need the iPhone Pack to connect.*


Important info: A microSD card formatted as FAT32 is required for recording. Some microSD cards are not compatible with Howler, like the SanDisk ‘Ultra’ and ‘Pro’ cards. We will add a free microSD card from our webshop to your order. We make sure this SD card is correctly formatted and tested by us so you can safely plug & record right away! For more info on microSD card requirements please see our manual.


Additional information

Weight 0,200 kg
File storage

MicroSD card (FAT32)

Recording format

WAV or MP3 (320 kbps)

Recording quality

24-bit & 48 kHz

Streaming quality

16/24-bit & 48 kHz

File-transfer compatibility

• Phones & tablets: Android USB-C & iOS devices
• Computers: Windows & macOS




Rechargeable Li-Po battery, up to 30 recording hours


88 x 63 x 28 mm (l, w, h)


128 g


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